McLane Stadium FAQs
Q: When will the new McLane Stadium open?
A: We hope that the new on-campus stadium will be ready in time for the 2014 season opener.

Q: What economic impact will McLane Stadium have on Waco and Central Texas?
A: McLane Stadium will be a catalyst for economic development along the Brazos River and will continue progress underway through downtown Waco. The stadium will be the largest project in Central Texas history and has the potential to transform the city. New hotels, restaurants, and shops will all provide entertainment for game-day crowds.

Q: How will the new McLane Stadium economically transform the city of Waco?
A: A preliminary study of economic impact by The Perryman Group reported that any economic stimulus or expansion generates spinoff effects which ripple through the economy. The new stadium will lead to positive effects on business activity in the Waco area during the construction process, ongoing operations of the stadium itself as well as new restaurants, retail, stores, and hotels. The enhanced venue will also lead to incremental spending by additional visitors and those who presently attend games.

Q: How many will the new McLane Stadium seat?
A: The current renderings are for a 45,000-seat stadium with a future expansion plan to 55,000.

Q: How large is the new McLane Stadium site?
A: The site is approximately 93 acres and will accommodate 2,500 on-site parking spots and 9,000 on-campus parking spots. It will also include a Brazos Bridge connecting to campus as well as special tailgate areas.

Q: Will the new McLane Stadium include club seating and suites?
A: Yes, the new McLane Stadium will include six Founder's Suites, 39 suites, 74 Loge boxes and 1,200 Outdoor club seats.

Q: How many seats will be designated for Baylor students?
A: 6,700 total student seats will be designated, including 3,000 for the Baylor Line.