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Loge Seating
Loge boxes are now sold out

Each Loge Box is semi-private with a separate entrance and half-walls on the exterior. Loge Boxes will be constructed in units of four seats with approximately 8� wide by 7� deep of interior space. Comfortable seating will consist of four movable chairs; two chairs in the front and two raised chairs in the back. Two unit (8 seats), and three-unit (12 seats) Loge Boxes will be available by removing the wall between Boxes. There are only 79 total Loge Boxes, 67 of which are located on the 300 Level and the remaining 12 are located on the 200 Level.


  • Food, beverage and in seat service
  • An on-site premium parking pass
  • Elevator access from stadium entrance
  • Premium location
  • Comfortable castor chair seats
  • Access to the conveniently located indoor Bear Heights Stadium Club
  • The most shaded seating in McLane Stadium
  • Private west-side entrance shared with premium suite holders
  • Individual television in each box
  • First opportunity to purchase these seats at McLane Stadium for non-football events
  • Access to dedicated restrooms and private concessions
  • Ability to stand and move freely during the game without obstructing view for others
  • Loge Boxes are exempt from McLane Stadium reseating process for 10 years
  • Loge Box prices are locked in for four years
  • Loge Box owners can transfer Box ownership to family members within 10 years as long as the annual seat option is maintained

Q: What is a Loge Box?
A: A Loge Box provides a semi�private seating enclosure with a separate entrance and half-walls on the exterior. Loge Boxes provide for an outside seating experience and will be constructed in units of four seats with approximately 8� wide by 7� deep of usable interior space. There will be four movable chairs with two standard height chairs located in the front and two raised chairs in the back in order to provide great field views. The annual cost of a Loge Box provides on-site parking, game tickets, game-day meal, soft drinks and a Bear Foundation membership.

Q: Where are Loge Boxes located?
A: The majority of Loge Boxes will be located on the 300 (third) Level of McLane Stadium and the remaining Loge Boxes will be on the 200 (second) Level. All Loge Boxes will be located on the west side of McLane Stadium. The 300 Level Loge Boxes will span from 5 yard line to 5 yard line while the 200 Level Loge Boxes span from each 30 yard line to the 5 yard lines.

Q: How many Loge Boxes are there at McLane Stadium?
A: There are 79 four-seat Loge Boxes available.

Q: When will you begin selling Loge Boxes?
A: February 2013 will mark the start of the Loge Box sales process with an exclusive window for 2012- 13 Bear Foundation members who wish to support the university fundraising campaign to secure a Loge Box. A minimum of 10% of the pledged campaign gift would be required in advance to document a Loge Box commitment and will place a donor in the selection process. Any commitment forms submitted after March 1 are subject to being dropped out of the ranking based on the quantity and size of other donor commitments.

Q: When is Loge Box location selection date?
A: No later than June 21, 2013. Participants will be notified well in advance of the selection date in the event that it changes.

Q: How much does a Loge Box cost?
A: During the Loge Box sales window, first priority will be given to donors who make a one-time campaign gift of $40,000 or more. Additionally, there is an annual all-inclusive cost of $12,000 for each four-seat Loge Box to be paid through a donor�s Bear Foundation membership. Donors are encouraged to give a campaign gift above the minimum required in order to support Baylor�s three highest priorities and also improve their position in the location selection process. While $40,000 is the minimum commitment to participate during this sales period, in the event that interest and participation in the capital campaign exceeds the number of boxes in the stadium, the ranking process will determine selection priority.

Q: How can I obtain a priority location when purchasing a loge box?
A: During the sales window, donors will be first placed into one of four tiers based on the amount of their Loge Box campaign gift. Once that is done, within each level, the 2013-14 Bear Foundation priority system will identify the specific selection order.

Tier ONE: A campaign gift of $250,000 or more

Tier TWO: A campaign gift of $125,000 - $249,999

Tier THREE: A campaign gift of $85,000 - $124,999

Tier FOUR: A campaign gift of $40,000 - $84,999

Q: Can I partner with another donor to purchase a Loge Box?
A: Yes. Partnering, or combining resources, to make a campaign gift and/or pay the annual Bear Foundation Loge Box license is welcomed. However, to be fair to all donors, placement within campaign tiers will be based on the average campaign gift per four-seat Loge Box. The 2013-14 Bear Foundation membership level of each donor in the partnership will be averaged in determining the group�s placement in the ranking process. For example if two individuals combine to pledge $100,000 and ask for two Loge Boxes (8 seats) they would average a $50,000 gift per box and would be placed within the respective donor order.

Q: How do I get involved in the Loge Box sales process and enter the selection process?
A: During the Loge Box sales window mentioned, a completed commitment form as well as an initial gift equal to or greater than 10% of the total campaign gift are required to place a donor in this Loge Box selection process. To do this, you should call someone from in University Development or the Bear Foundation. There are limited Loge Boxes available so you may want to act before March 1, 2013 to insure that one of the 79 Boxes is held for you.

Q: If I participate in this sale campaign process, and based upon total donor interest, end up not qualifying for a Loge Box, what are my options?
A: First, you will be added to the Loge Box waiting list and notified of future availability. Your initial 10% gift could then be applied toward a campaign gift in the Bear Heights Club seating. The Bear Heights Club seat sales process will begin around the time the Loge Box sales process ends.

Q: How will I know where I rank in the selection process?
A: Donors who have completed a commitment form and provided a deposit will be communicated with monthly updating them on their current selection position.

Q: Can I expand the size of a Loge Box?
A: Each four-seat Loge Box is a standard size. However, because a Loge Box can be purchased in increments of four seats, you could expand the size to either eight or a maximum of 12 seats.

Q: How long do I have to complete payment on a campaign gift?
A: Campaign gift must be completed by December 31, 2017, with an established payment schedule beginning in 2013.

Q: Can I use my Loge Box for non-Baylor football events?
A: As a Loge Box owner, you will have first right to purchase tickets to non-Baylor football events.

Q: Is a campaign gift tax deductible?
A: We ask that you seek advice from your personal tax advisor in determining tax deductions. However, you will receive a gift receipt from Baylor University for the full campaign gift amount. The annual Bear Foundation license fee also comes with a gift acknowledgement and the appropriate list of license benefits.

For more information, contact the Bear Foundation:
Doug Smith Executive Associate AD / Bear Foundation 254-710-3650
Greg Davis Senior Director of Athletic Development 254-710-8456
Greg Meyer Assistant AD / Bear Foundation 254-710-4076
Doug McNamee Assistant AD / Premium Sales & Services 254-710-3547
Kevin Kyle Assistant Director 254-710-3135
Cheryl Ervi Director, Bear Foundation Operations 254-710-4214
Aaron Furman Assistant Director, Bear Foundation Operations 254-710-4261
Gina French Coordinator of Athletic Development 254-710-8982